Anep Mosaic and Tile Corp. Miami/Florida/USA/2020
registered in the State of Florida Doc#P19000001975

wholesale distribution of first-class home remodeling products


ANEP carries a first-class line of glass and stone mosaics. Each piece is a unique design created to fit any type of project. More information about this products can be obtained by writing to

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3D Grey&White/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

3D Grey & White

Alpine Crest/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box)

Alpine Crest

Carrara Subway/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Carrara Subway

Crystal Beige/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Crystal Beige

Crystal Brown/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Crystal Brown

Glass & White Porcelain/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Glass & White Porcelain

Glass Herringbone/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Glass Herringbone

Grey Stripe Pattern/12x10.40-0.86sqft 11 pcs per box

Grey Stripe Pattern

Milano Blue/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Milano Blue

Stripe Shiny White/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Stripe Shiny White

Udine Blue/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Udine Blue

Univen Mix/12x13.4-1.12sqft6 11pcs per box

Univen Mix

Venevento Frost Glass/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Venevento Frost Glass


Natural stone patio.

Arasbacato/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box


Arasbacato Beige/11.28x10.68-0.84sqft 11pcs per box

Arasbacato Beige

Blanco Basketweave/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Blanco Basketweave

Carrara Bianco 2x2/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Carrara Bianco 2x2

Circle White Marble/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Circle White Marble

Dark Diamond/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Dark Diamond

Dorian Blanco/11.4x13.36-1.06sqft 11pcs per box

Dorian Blanco

Dorian Carrara/11.4x13.26-1.06sqft 11pcs per box

Dorian Carrara

Flat Mix Stone/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Flat Mix Stone

Heart Grey Marble/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Heart Grey Marble

Heart Mix Stone/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Heart Mix Stone

Light Deco/12..88x11.48-1.03sqft 11pcs per box

Light Deco

Margarita Flowers/12x11-1sqft 11pcs per box

Margarita Flowers

Pebble Grigio-12x12  (1sf/pc 11pcs/box)

Pebble Grigio

Taupe Basketweave/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Taupe Basketweave

Tivoli Gold/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Tivoli Gold

Volakas White Marble Heart/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

Volakas White Marble Heart

White & Grey Pebbles/12x12-1sqft 11pcs per box

White & Grey Pebbles

White Mix Dark Deco/12.88x11.48-1.03sqft 11pcs per box

White Mix dark Deco

Woven Grey/12x13.40 1.12sqft 11 pcs per box

Woven Grey

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER : We use glass, recycled glass, and natural stone to produce our mosaics. Thus, actual color, shade, and tone of the finished product may vary. If you are a retailer, feel free to ask us for a physical sample by clicking here . If you are a customer interested in purchasing our products, we will be more than happy to located the store closest to you .